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Seminar with AFI Real Estate!

On Saturday, February 22, AFI Real Estate will present a seminar at its office at Brannan and Delancey, at which Lew Soffer, real estate attorney and real estate broker, will address the recent amendments to the San Francisco Rent Control Ordinance.  Those amendments introduce yet another layer of complexity to rent control in the City, and their full impact will have to be worked out over time.  Here’s a compressed version:  
The amendments made the eviction control provisions of the Ordinance, but not those provisions limiting annual rent increases, applicable to several previously exempt categories of rental properties, including those in buildings completed since July 1979. There are state laws in place by which the Legislature arguably preempted local government limitations on rent increases, but the SF Supervisors have attempted to avoid that problem by limiting the amendments to other provisions of the Ordinance.  Meanwhile, tenant rights advocates are seeking to overturn the state law establishing preemption.  Some analysis of the applicable law will be presented, but we hope to emphasize the practical problems the new law presents for landlords.
Prior to these  amendments, rental properties in buildings constructed since 1979 were entirely exempt from the Rent Control Ordinance.  Not any more.  Come to the presentation, and let’s talk about how this change in the law may affect you.