AFI Portfolio Real Estate

Property Management

Our Services

  • Market the Property: Advertise on our website, craigslist and various other online media sources including our monthly newsletter. Post a marketing flyer on our office window.
  • Network with Relocation Agents.
  • Show Property to Prospective Tenants.
  • Screen and Qualify Tenants/Process Application: Verify employment, contact current landlord and check references. Order credit report through National Tenant Network . Provide information to owner for tenant selection.
  • Provide Owner with a Residental Lease Rental Agreement and Disclosures Package signed by Tenant and a deposit check payable to owner.
  • Schedule and attend walk-through with owner and tenant.


  • Option 1: Leasing Services are 85% of one month's rent.
  • Option 2: Leasing Services are 85% of one month's rent for Leasing Services and additionally, our monthly management fee equals 8% of one months rent. Our minimum monthly management fee is however $300 per month.
  • Leasing Services to place the first tenant are free to our investor clients for each property purchased.
  • We do not charge a fee to find tenants for the same property more then once in one year.
  • Application Fee for Tenant is $30.00

Landlord/Tenant Relations

Option 1
For Leasing Services only, we recommend: Option 2
In addition to the items above, for Leasing and Property Management Services we provide:
  • Quarterly check-ups regarding condition of property.
  • Scheduled cleaning services
  • Response to requests from tenant regarding maintenance issues, advise owner of problem and request permission from owner to make repairs. Contact Maintenance Company, set appointment, ensure repairs have been made and all problems resolved.